Salient Feature

Silent Feature

Experienced and Well Qualified Staff

Teachers are the first mentor in a child’s life. It requires a great amount of competency in the personnel to handle students with utmost care and sincerely. We have a set of requirements based on which teachers and staffs are appointed. Our recruitment procedure is tough. Teachers, professors, and other staff attend rounds of interviews and tests to get selected. Every professional staff member holds a B.Ed. degree and any other vocational training certificate. We have the best faculty members who have earned the highest accolades in their specialized domain. Our staff is well-groomed in all the aspects of academic major, coursework, teaching skills etc. They are well-qualified and competent enough to combat the daily challenges.

Appropriate Child Teacher Ratio

Often it is seen that preschools do not have appropriate student teacher ratio which hinders the learning of kids. Unnati ki Paathshala have the 10:1 and 8:1 student teacher ratio. Classes crowded with students are a lot troublesome to teaching. Similarly, a lot of students in a class mark in a sundry field of students, with wavering degrees of learning capability. Unnati ki Paathshala uses this feature as their Unique Selling Proposition. The Paathshala understands each kid has his own grasping power so the teacher needs to focus on each kid differently. With 10:1 and 8:1 attending each kid in the class is possible.

Highly Secured Premises

Secured premises are one of the most important features to make sure kids are safe and sound. The school is secured with perimeter fencing to deter trespassers. We offer limited access. It is only after a thorough scanning and checking that outside persons are allowed. Our school has a strong visitor management. It is only after a proper screening, that outside people are entertained. We use computerized visitor scanning management systems to make sure none of the elements are missed out. We have CCTV everywhere. There is a monitoring system looked after by the security personnel 24 X 7. Children are safe and secured at Unnati ki Paathshaala.

Affordable Fees Structure including Uniform and Books

We don’t charge fee for what we don’t offer. Rather the fee charged is used for teaching your children through various plays and activities. The fee structure is so designed that parents did not feel the burden of fees. The Paathshala offers to pay the fee as per the convenience of the parents. The fee could be paid in one shot or on per month, per trimester or per six months basis. Unnati ki Paathshala also offers breakup of the fee structure if the parents wants to have a look at it. It is the fee structure that makes Unnati ki Paathshala a better choice than others.

Audio and Video Aids Teaching

We understand that kids learn quickly and easily when they are taught using audio and video teaching aids. Therefore we, in Unnati ki Paathshala use all the possible audios and videos that could help kids in understanding the world around them. The rhymes and acts are a way of making them learn alphabets and numbers. The use of projector and speakers are an easy way to control the kids when they don’t want to study. Through the audio and video teaching aids we also educate them about traffic rules, hospitals, banks, restaurants, places of worship and places of interests. We believe for kids audio and video are a better source of teaching.

Educational Trips

The educational trips that we organize for kids are mostly in the city among the reach of parents. So far we have organized trips to Zoo, Parks, Museums, Aquarium and Historical Places. Through these educational trips we intend to help kids in knowing the world around them. We explain them traffic rules while we are roads, we share the information about the living and non-living things around them and we educate them with what to do and what not about the things they are aware or unaware about. It is through these educational trips that we have been able to teach our kids better about the surroundings outside the home.

Regular Health Check-up

Regular Health Check Up: A healthy body means a healthy mind. At Unnati ki Paathshala we make sure physical there is a regular health checkup done in our premises. We do so to ensure that there is a proper development in a child’s growth chart. This involves-:
Audiometric test,
Dental checkup,Eye-checkup,
Height and weight,
Lung function test,
Physical examination

A health check-up helps to assess the normal development of the kid. We have a track of the immunization schedule. We store all the records of the health check-up in the electronic form. It is accessible to parents and children under Personal Health Record (PHR) account.

Kids Library

Kids Library: We have one of the largest kids’ libraries in Indore. Our library is rich with books for every aged child. It helps a child to enrich his vocabulary and language. It is a defined space where kids get to browse easily. Our aim is to create a high-quality childhood reading experience. We regularly conduct reading programs and reward children with their favorite storybook or certificate. Our library is rich with authors from different genres portraying-:
Bed-time stories,
Drama and action,
Science fiction books,
Story books etc.

Co-curricular Activities (Dance & Music)

The preschool has separate faculties for Dance and Music. Although it is difficult for kids to dance like perfects but just to boost the confidence and make them free from any stage fear; we make them dance and act like no one is watching them. We help them in being they. There are many lessons that we taught them through dance and music so that they can easily grab the lessons. Dance is also a good way to maintain fitness of kids and through music they learn to have mental peace and this increases their meditating power. We also ensure that no kid should be left behind with shyness.

Yoga & Sports

Yoga and Sports: At Unnati ki Paathshala we encourage Yoga and Sports. We provide a holistic environment for the children. Our Yoga sessions include loosening exercises, Suryanamaskar, breathing techniques, meditation etc. We have dedicated staff that is proficient with all the sports activities. The following sports are played on our preschool’s campus regularly-:Athletics,Badminton,Basketball,Cricket,Football,Handball,Hockey,Kabaddi,Kho–Kho,Skating,Table Tennis,Volleyball

We host Sports’ Day as a Mega event and invite Sports Personality to encourage students in the field of sports. Unnati ki Paathshala believes that ‘All Work and No Play, Makes a Child Dull and Passive’.