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Dance & Music

Unnati ki Paathshala has distinct faculties for Dance & Music classes. We understand that each of these two activities takes dedication and practice to learn and perform. Also, there is no age bar for dancing and playing music. Therefore, the academy run by Unnati ki Paathshala organizes several dance and music classes for various age groups like 6-12 years, 13-20 years, 21-30 years, 30-40 years and 40 above. The idea behind segregating dance and music classes into these age groups is that in the each age group the learning efficiency and energy to practice varies. As of now, the academy runs classes for Bollywood Style, Free Style, Classical and Semi-Classical dance forms; whereas there are both Vocal and Instrumental Music Classes.Instruments like Tabla, Harmonium and Guitar are taught to play.

Computer Classes

Computer Classes

The academy conducts computer Classes for basics and advanced computer courses to be taught by trained computer faculties. The computer classes are similarly run for various age groups. Courses like basic MS-Office, Advanced MS-Office, Internet Surfing, and Typing are taught. There are both theory and practical classes conducted equally so that whatever a student learns in theory classes could be practiced on Computers as well. The instructor also guides on how to start and shut down a computer. The appropriate practice hours make these computer classes a worth to join to for. However, these classes are organized on monthly basis; you can join them according to your time.

All Subject Tutorials

All Subject

The tutorials are run for academic classes from class 1 to 12 are proving to be a great help to the parents who are either working or unable to teach their children at home. The academy run by Unnati ki Paathshala has many trained and proficient teachers in contact who are capable of tutoring the children from various classes and grades. Being an educational community Unnati ki Paathshala is keen to the development of liberated, accountable scholars, organized with life skills that inspire and withstand a considerate, effective, and evocative life.

English Speaking Courses and Personality Development Classes

English Spoken

Unnati ki Paathshala’s Spoken English Classes carries the up-to-date English Speaking Courses and Personality Development Classes to help you be fluent and confident in English. The Communicating English Lesson Plans to study English is an entertaining and stress-free method. Our  English speaking classes  are chock-full with small activities and English discussion, to run through the English language of everyday errands, like shopping, visiting a bank, talking on the phone, gossiping about attires, movies, food etc. We assure you about loving learning English and look as if like picking up the essential words quicker to develop your English rapidly and effortlessly. 

Workshop and Seminars, Playground


Unnati ki Paathshala also organize regular Workshops and Seminars for various activities with the intention of sharing the upgraded knowledge with more and more people. Workshops for Health and Diet, Cooking Skills, Art and Craft were organized wherein the experts from the respective industries came to deliver the updated information and techniques for improvement. Seminars for Yoga and Lifestyle, Parenting and Personality Development were also organized wherein various information related to the field is been shared with attendees.

हमारी विशेषतायें

प्रिय अभिभावक गण अब आपके बच्चों के संपूर्ण मानसिक, नैतिक और शारीरिक विकास के लिए विभिन्न शैक्षणिक गतिविधियाँ एक ही प्रांगण में !

  1. केंद्रीय / नवोदय विधालय के अनुभवी शिक्षकों द्वारा मार्गदर्शन !

  2. नियमित परीक्षण !

  3. नवोदय विधालय प्रवेश हेतु मार्गदर्शन !

  4. NTSE राष्ट्रीय प्रतिभा खोज परीक्षा हेतु मार्गदर्शन !

अन्य सुविधाये

वाहन सुविधा उपलब्ध !

CCTV कैमरा !

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